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Richard Ford

Picture of Dr. Richard Ford

Dr. Richard Ford graduated from the University of Oxford in 1992 with a D.Phil. in Quantum Physics. Since that time, he has worked extensively in the area of computer security and malicious mobile code prevention. Previous projects include work on the Computer Virus Immune System at IBM Research, and development of the world’s largest web hosting system whilst Director of Engineering for Verio. Ford is currently Assistant Director of the Harris Institute for Assured Information, and a University Professor at the Florida Institute of Technology. His research interests include Biologically-inspired security solutions, Rootkit detection, novel exploit paths, resilience, Security Metrics, and Malware prevention. Ford is Consulting Editor of Virus Bulletin, and co-editor of a column in IEEE Security & Privacy. Ford is a member of CARO, and a past President/CEO of AMSTO, the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization. In addition to carrying out research in Computer Security, Ford is an instrument rated private pilot, and a three time winner of the National Flute Association’s Big Band Jazz competition.