Social Activities

Sunday night gathering

The evening before CARO 2015 attendees are invited to get together and mingle for drinks and snacks at the 'Hafen Diner' (formerly known as the 'Pianobar') of the hotel.

Monday Event

An evening out on board the sailing ship RICKMER RICKMERS, built in 1896 and made into a museum ship in 1987.
This event will be sponsored by Microsoft.

It is Hamburgs floating landmark and CARO 2015 participants will enjoy a tour of the ship plus a talk about it’s history before we will dine and wine some special dishes and drinks from North Germany.

The RICKMER RICKMERS is walking distance from the HOTEL HAFEN HAMBURG.

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Tuesday Farewell drinks

will be served Tuesday, May 12th from 6-9 pm, at the 'Hafen Diner' of the Hotel Hafen Hamburg.